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  • 13 Signs He’s Married Or Cheating
    Is the guy you’re dating really married or cheating on you?  Does he keep breaking your dates because something suddenly came up?  Spot the top 13 signs of an adulterer, if he has a wife and kids or another woman on the side.  Find out if he’s lying about his marital status, lying about his divorce or lying about his commitments.  This clip will expose cheating husbands who say they’re single and show you what to ask them so you can do a free background check.
  • Free Arrest Records & Mugshots
    Did you know there are as many people with arrest records as college diplomas?  Find free mugshots and jail arrest records for felonies, misdemeanors, traffic offenses, probation charges, drugs, manslaughter, theft or assault.  This video shows where to find even more free arrest and mugshot websites and where to find inmates and other criminal records.  Learn what to do when the site you’re looking for has gone out of business or no longer offers free information.  Also see how to search for common and rare names so you know you have the right person.
  • Is Your Crime Still Online?
    Can others find your criminal record?  Are you looking for criminal records on someone else?  Here’s how to do a free criminal records background check on yourself, or to use these skills to background someone else.  Find arrests, convictions, mugshots and sex offenders.  Check out if your criminal record has been expunged.  Also see the free criminal records in all 50 states & DC including state & county prison records for when they were incarcerated, when released, charges, sentencing, convictions, and probation.  Finally, learn how to Google for even more criminal records.
  • Find Sex Offenders (Free)
    Is your creepy neighbor trustworthy?  Want to know if he’s safe to be around?  Find sex offenders, pedophiles, sexual predators, flashers, and molesters through the free national sex offender database.  This video shows how to do a nationwide search for sex offenders or how to find them by state or territory.
  • Let’s Talk Federal Prison
    Is your date an ex-con from federal prison?  Think he’s going to brag about it when you first meet him?  This video shows you how to search Google and federal prison records for when he was incarcerated, when released, current age, charges, sentencing, convictions and indictments.
  • Who’s Cell Phone # Is This?
    Not sure who called you?  Want to hear their voicemail without revealing your own phone number?  Get the cell phone owner’s name through a free reverse cell phone number lookup.  Also hear their voicemail and see their photo.  This video shows how to use Spy Dialer and the reverse cell phone number lookups on Google and Facebook.
  • Background Them By Their Cellphone #
    Use to get the cell phone owner’s name and middle initial to then background them using Google or
  • How Old Is She? (Verify Their True Age For Free)
    If age is just a number, why do so many people lie about it?  Discover the free age lookup sites where you can verify their true age based on a name, middle initial, places they’ve lived and their relatives.  If they’re lying about their age, they’re lying about other things too.  Count on it!
  • Google Like A Pro (7 Tips & Tricks)
    Ever get swamped with so many hits you just give up?  Wouldn’t it be nice to find them on the first page and not the tenth page?  Here’s  how to people search without pulling your hair out.  Learn how to:
  • 1. Google search 100 hits per page instead of 10 per page;
    2. Search for an exact phrase using quotes;
    3. See old versions of a website (Google Cache);
    4. Search for key words once on a web page (Control F, Command F);
    5. Exclude Google returns that contain unwanted words;
    6. Search for recent results in the past week, month or year;
    7. Search for key words within a website, no matter how big the site.
  • How To Background Someone With A Common Name
    Which John Smith are you looking for? And how do you know you have the right guy?  Learn how to do a free background check on your subject when many others have the same name.  Includes Googling common names and finding his middle name, age, relatives, places he’s lived, date of birth, education and work history, etc.
  • Verify Salary & Job Histories of Teachers & Other Public Employees
    Is the guy you just met really a college professor?  Does your potential roommate or tenant really have a steady high paying job?  If they claim to be a public employee, you can verify all these things before you hire them, date them or let them into your home.  This video shows how to find the job histories and exact salaries of state, county and city employees, including teachers.  Shows up to 6 years of their job history.  Use this to verify their positions, their stability and their honesty.
  • Verify Salaries & Work Histories On Federal Employees
    Does she really work for the CDC?  Was he the post office manager or just the file clerk?  If they claim to be a federal employee, you can verify all these things before you hire them, date them or let them into your home.  This video shows you how to find their exact salaries and job titles for the last five years.  Use this to verify their positions, their stability and their honesty.
  • Reverse Address Lookups For Marital Status, Who Lives There & More
    Do they rent?  Do they own?  Are they secretly married?  Is this their apartment, a business or a concealed mail drop?  Find out for free through reverse address lookups.  Do background checks with just an address to learn their marital status, their age, who they live with and more.  Includes free property records, how to verify the address is real and Googling an address.
  • Free Search For Bankruptcy Filings & Petitions: (Vid# l, Vid# 2)
    Is your money market investor secretly bankrupt?  And what about the contractor who’s building your new dream home?  Wouldn’t it be nice to find out their financial status before you invest in them?  (Before you rely on them.)
    Learn how to search for actual bankruptcy filings and petitions-for free!  Search free public records for bad debt, bankruptcies, bankruptcy filings, chapter 7, chapter 13, chapter 11 filings and other unpaid debts.  Also discover the $ amount of each debt owed and whether it was for food, medical or luxury spending.
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