Find Out Where The Photo Was Taken ( GeoSpy AI!)

I’m raving about this new free tool and they don’t even pay me for it! For years, I’ve watched the OSINT gurus try to explain the science of Geolocation, e.g. how to determine where a photo was taken, or at least, what country, city or state is depicted in such. The latter is important, especially if it’s a screenshot of a photo, or the photo was from a satellite.

But this was way beyond my technical expertise. Mostly, it was all about calculating the angle of the sun overhead, the shadows it casts on objects, mystically hoping the picture had coded metadata inside it, or manually scrutinizing the photo for things like the text or objects that could be traced to specific languages, landmarks, buildings, business specific advertisements and even the region specific to certain makes and models of cars, license plates, electric sockets and manhole covers…yadda yadda yadda!

I’m sure this was excellent advice for the FBI, the OSINT geeks or the very astute serial killer. But to the normal person like me, it was like learning Greek during a proctology exam. So I never even tried it.

But now comes Geospy AI, a free and easy to use Geolocation tool made for the masses! With Geospy, you simply click in the center to upload, select your photo “From Library” and then grab a pic from your files. Within seconds the AI does all the work. It even works to a lesser extent with screen shots, which means it’s doing far more than just looking at the photo’s hidden metadata.

So how good is it? Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself! But it correctly guessed that a photo of me and my brothers was taken in GA. It also looks within the photo for key words, and landmarks to at times provide a city, state or actual location. This is what it did with some of my other photos. Is it perfect? Of course not! Is better than any free tool I’ve ever seen? YES.

So Who Cares Where a Photo Was Taken? Are There Any Good Uses for Such?

  • Lawyers: To established an alibi, or discredit one-helps if the photo can be dated as well.
  • Insurance Companies (Same as above)
  • People Looking for Old Friends (can now search for their name with a new location)
  • Stalkers (Duh!)
  • Skip Tracers and Angry Housewives (find the guy, the property, or the hidden assets)
  • The Police
  • The Military
  • The Family of missing loved ones
  • Anyone planning reunions
  • Anyone who needs to show hidden connections and alliances (was he really in bed with the Russians?)

Combining AI With Other Free Geolocation Tools
If you’re good at this stuff, I highly recommend you use a combination of free tools such as the ones found at Consumer-SOS, or by Googling Free Geolocation Tools. For real life examples on how do to these searches, check out the blog by Cyb_detective called GeoSpy + OpenStreetMap search = super power.

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