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President of Sleuth For The Truth
President of Sleuth For The Truth

I am a Georgia lawyer who would rather serve than sue.  In 1994, I moved to Atlanta after graduating from the Arizona State University College of Law.  Prior to joining a patent litigation firm in 2010, I was an administrative law judge for the Georgia Department of Labor where I presided over 3000 unemployment benefits cases.

Since 2001, I have shown people how to do their own online background checks.  I am an expert at searching for electronic records and have taught seminars on this subject to both lay people and attorneys alike. I have also taught self enrichment classes at Emory University, the CNN Center and various colleges throughout metro Atlanta.

In 2002, to assist the general public with free legal help, I created a self help website at Consumer-SOS.com.  This website covers nine states, has thousands of monthly visitors and provides legal help on hundreds of topics including landlord tenant, credit and debt, health and medical, bankruptcy and much more.  Later this was followed by Christian-SOS.com.

At the end of 2015, I left patent litigation to follow my passion, which was to expose frauds and teach people by the thousands how to do their own background checks. Nowadays everyone is mobile. Everyone can run from their own heat.

Often career liars can find new victims simply by moving to a new town, changing their company name or using a middle name or alias. So to spot the fraud, people should do a background check before they rent, hire, invest or date someone.  But I knew that many would never do this.  Especially if it meant hiring a private detective, or giving out their credit card number to a sleazy website.

So in 2016, I created Sleuth For The Truth where no one has to pay for a background check.  Through these free educational blogs and videos, anyone can become an expert.  Anyone can find arrests, convictions, bankruptcies, whether they rent or own, their true age, the property they have and if they are lying about other things you never thought to ask! The blogs and videos don’t just give you the free links. They show you how to knit the facts together into a story. And when you’re done, you can learn a lot about the person’s true character.

So it’s my pleasure to teach a lifetime skill you’ll never grow tired of.   From now on, you can do the background check yourself,  fast, easy and ALL FOR FREE.



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