Age-The First Stop In Any Background Check

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Age: The Lie You Can Expose Online
Want to know the top three lies told on dating sites?  You probably guessed it: Weight, Height and Age.  The lies about height and weight are easy to spot.  If the guy is short or the woman is fat, you’ll know it by the first date.

But how do you spot someone who’s lying about their age?  And why should you care?  Personally,  I feel that telling the truth is a big part of a healthy relationship.  And if they’re lying about their age, they’re lying about other things too.  Lots of other things.

Age: The First Step In Most Background Checks
But age is not just another number.  It’s also the first stop when doing a background check.  The reason?  Most online records won’t have their photo.  So you need something unique about them to know it’s not another person with the same name.

Other identifiers include their phone number, email address, dating profile name or a physical address.  But the most common online record is their age.  This is what you’ll find most when searching for  criminal records or when on the age relative lookup sites.

Age: The Stepping Stone To Learning More About Your Subject
Age is a valuable stepping stone to learn his home address, prior addresses, prior states he’s lived in and of course, his middle name or middle initial.  Often the age lookup sites will have current and prior phone numbers as well.

Once you get this information, you can find similar records that tell you even more about him.  For example: at one site you may learn that David Rosenfield of Smyrna, GA is age 60.  And then farther down the page or at another site, you’ll see a similar record that list David Robert Rosenfield of Smyrna, GA, age 60.  Later you’ll find yet another record which lists David Robert Rosenfield of Smyrna, GA, along with his physical address at 1600 Mocking Bird Lane.

A Launch Pad For Googling And Looking Up Criminal Records
With their full name and contact information, your next step could be a Google search.  For example: you could Google every one of his phone numbers, every one of his addresses or restrict the search to his home state.   You could also Google his name in quotes, his full name in quotes or his first name, middle initial and last name in quotes.  Or with what you know about his full name and age, you could search the free Arrest Records, Mugshots, Criminal, and Civil Records.

How To Search The Age  & Relative Lookup Sites
Don’t confuse the Age/Relative  lookup sites with the online White Pages which may also list ages.  The latter won’t list the people with private phone numbers.  But the Age Lookup sites list anyone 18 and over.  Even the phoneless dead people.

To begin, all you need is a person’s first and last name.  You don’t even have to know the state they live in (though for common names it helps).

If for some reason you can’t find them, it probably means you have the wrong, spelling, or the wrong name.  Sometimes people are listed under their nick names.

For example: Richard may be listed as “Dick”, Samuel as “Sam” or Elizabeth as “Libby.”  It’s a good idea to test each site by looking up your own name.  Get a feel for what is you and isn’t you.  And also gauge the accuracy of the website.  Check at least two or three different ones.  Even if you find your subject immediately, each site may have different information.

No site is perfect.  Sometimes they’ll list the wrong age, include a stranger among relatives or mess up on addresses and phone numbers.  This is another reason to confirm your findings with several of them.

When you find something new, be sure to copy this into Word or Notepad for future reference.  You’ll want all you can get for when it’s time to Google them.  For more, See People With Common Names-How To Background Them.

Searching For Rare Names (
Our first stop is at  Let’s start with the rare name Jonah Jameson.   With rare names, you don’t have to choose a state.  And as you can see, it lists his full name, sometimes a middle name, his age, and the various places he’s lived.  You can even see people who may be related to him.

If you click “that’s the one”, it takes you to their pricing page.  But what do you care?  You already know his name, his age and where he’s lived.  It’s now time to move elsewhere for even more free public records.  See Find Or Background People By Their…

Searching For Common Names (
Let’s check out, another age lookup site.
Here we’ll look up the common name John Smith and choose a state.

If you find you get exactly 50 or a 100 hits, it usually means your search results were cut off, because there were too many people with the same name.  To refine your search, you can add a city or middle initial.  At first try just one of these.  If there are still too many hits, you can refine your search by adding more details.

Don’t start adding too many details.  Not all records for your subject will have a middle name or city.   And if you add too much information, you could miss out on records you want to see.

So now you can look for the right John Smith based on where he’s  lived, who his  relatives are or by his age.   Don’t bother with the button to “View Details” or see all relatives.  Often this leads to their “I want your money page.”

Where To Find More Age Relative Lookup Sites
The age lookup sites are really just the teaser pages on the sites for background checks.  You can find more of them by Googling the term “background check” or “people search”.  They’re all over the Internet.

Note:  Avoid any site that searches for more than 15 seconds.  This is just a gimmick to get you excited.  Like Google, they can find your record in an instant (if they want to).  So look for free sites that are FAST!

Social Media Aggregators
These sites comb Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter (and the like) for what’s said about people in social media.  Aggregators work great for rare names or whenever your subject is easily identifiable.  They are less effective when searching for common names.  For common names, your best bet is to try the age lookups first.

Examples of these sites include:

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