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Life is full of surprises. And for me it’s always better to give these than to receive. Perhaps your surprise is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Or even a big fluffy pillow. People tend to like flowers and pillows.

Or maybe your surprise is a brand new expensive lawsuit. Most people don’t like lawsuits. Defending them can make them very unhappy. But since they made you unhappy, it’s only fair they get their rightful comeuppance.

If you want to hand deliver your surprise, you’ll need more than just their email address or phone number. What you need of course, is their current physical address.

But finding such isn’t easy. The Internet is teeming with old addresses, old phone numbers, and old blah blah blah. And people tend to move around a lot. They leave their state. They leave their spouse. They change jobs. They bail out on their landlords. And then after all is said and done, they try to run away from their own heat! Often you’ll see they have 5 to 10 addresses. So which is the one you send the flowers to?

What you need is some sort of date stamp. Something that gives you a snapshot of where they lived and when. So even if you don’t know their current address, you’ll get a good idea of where they last lived.  Maybe you’ll see they just moved in last week, and know exactly where to send the flowers to.

But don’t fret if you’re still out of luck. For you’ve got a friend in the US Post Office.  Yes, the link I just gave you shows how to make the Post Office send you their new mailing address. Now ain’t that special!

Starting With A List Of Addresses
You can find a list of their home addresses and other identifying info through the Age/Relative Lookup sites. This is a great place to get lots of addresses all in one spot. Plus you get other juicy info such as their middle names, middle initials, age, DOB, and employment history.

For common names this extra bit of information is especially important. It will come in handy later when you’re Googling and looking up voter registration records. At that point, you want to know you’ve got the right John Smith.

But disregard the dates next to any address. These commercial sites are often wrong. Just look yourself up and you can see they’ll have your old college address as the current one. And your current address will have the wrong date or be in the middle of the stack.

Places To Look For Their Current Address

  • Real Property Records (Locates Homeowners)
  • Licensing/Certification Boards (Locates Professionals)
  • Corporate Lookups (Locates Owners & Officers)
  • Voter Registration Records (Locates Voters)
  • Civil & Criminal Lawsuits (Address may be in the complaint)
  • Bankruptcy Filings (Locates Debtors)
  • Patent, Trademark & Copyright Filings (Locates Inventors)
  • SEC Filings (Locates Officers & Investors)
  • Government Salary & Employment Directories (Wanna Guess?)

Government Records That List An Address
Your next stop should be government records or a reliable site that gathers such.

The government likes you.  And they have a vested interest in where you live. Especially if you’re a sex offender, a registered voter, or someone who pays taxes on a home or business. You can count on the government to update this list, especially when they want your money.

Your first stop should be the county property records. Six out of 10 people own their own home. So if you find them here by name or address, you can bet it’s the most current.

For more, scroll to the bottom or see  Government Records That Confirm Addresses.

Professional Groups/Certification Groups That Regulate Members
Next, you can search for current addresses with professional associations that demand yearly dues or require yearly certifications.

If they’re a lawyer, doctor, teacher or insurance agent, it’s usually easy to find their updated home or work address. Why? You ask. Well, just like the government, these groups want your money too! And like the government, they want to know where to find you if you cause them trouble. So these records tend to be current.

But be sure to get such from the actual group that does the regulating. For example: If you want the current address for lawyer Graham Firestone, make sure to check the state bar which governs GA lawyers. Don’t bother with Martin Dale Hubble. The latter is just a commercial directory. It’s the State Bar that collects membership fees. So they will be the most current.

For the current addresses of doctors, lawyers, bankers, pilots, CPAs, teachers and more, see Their Profession/License Or Certifications.

The Internet is teeming with physical addresses. So for the most current address, verify what you find by checking property records, voting records, corporate records, criminal records, bankruptcy records and the records kept by professional licensing boards.

Government Records That Confirm Addresses

Look Up Home Owners (Consumer-SOS)
Search by owner or by address to confirm who lives there now. Can even do a name search for homes in other states!

Look Up Corporate Registrations (Consumer-SOS)
Search by name for the address of company. Can find them if they’re an owner, officer or registers agent. If the company is still listed as active, it’s a current address!

Mugshots/Arrests (Consumer-SOS)
Have they been arrested? Often returns their DOB which you’ll need for their voting records.

Voting Records In All 50 States & DC (Consumer-SOS)
Confirm their current address from voting registration records. Records may also show party affiliation. for some of these , you may  need a DOB but not all of them! See DOB &_Marital_Status and Find Their County

Government Employees Salaries & Employment History (Consumer-SOS)
Search for federal, state, and county employees by name and see where to send the flowers to.  A recent salary history shows they’re probably still working there!

Look Up Their Recent Bankruptcies To Get The Debtors Address
Enter a last name and first with no commas i.e.
Smith John. Press the search button and once on the new page, scroll down manually or search by CTRL F (command F for Macs). Pages are long, so CTRL F search by a first name only or by whatever is least common to that page. Got several people with the same name? Mouse over the link you want and in the URL you can see the state and city where the bankruptcy was filed!
Click on name for their address.

Recent Patent, Trademark & Copyright Filings (Consumer-SOS)
Often it’s their attorney’s address. But just as often it’s the address of an individual.

Publicly Traded Corporations & Who Has An Interest In Them (Consumer-SOS)
Are they a bigwig at a fortune 500 company? Plug in their name to see where they work, their job title, their stock & salaries and what else they own. And if it’s a recent filing, you now know where to send the flowers to!

Sex Offender Registries (Most States)
Punch in a name (first, or last or both) and get their photo, description and address. To search the most states G click on National Search. For another site click Here

Get The Post Office To Tell You Their New Address!

Find Their New Mailing Address  (Consumer-SOS)
The Post Office will send you their forwarding address. (or so says their official rule book) Just send a real life letter to their last address and follow these handy dandy instructions! And don’t forget the stamp.

See Their House!

Show My Street
Instantly shows photos of the house or building as you’re typing the address! If it doesn’t then take off the suite #. A photo may show the address is just a concealed mail drop and not a real suite or business. (a strip mall with a UPS, Staples or Mailboxes Etc.) For more, see Other Street View Lookups (Google Search)

Google Tips

Googling An Address (Consumer-SOS)
Basics on how to find who lives there.

Google For Their Lawsuits (Consumer-SOS)
Might list their address in the complaint.

Googling For Criminal Conduct (Consumer-SOS)
Might list their address in the indictment or charges.

Googling For Recent Results In The Past Week, Month Or Year
In Google,  type in your search and press enter.  Then click on “Search Tools” up top and click on “Anytime”.

At this point, choose the past hour, the past day, the past week, past month or past year.  You can even use the Google calendar to customize your search to the last 2 years.

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