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Every state defines sex crimes differently.  But even so, you can find all the registered sex offenders at a single website!

The National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) lists pedophiles, rapists, sexual predators, flashers, stalkers and molesters.  To search the sex offender database by state or nationwide, see the Sleuth For the Truth video Find Sex Offenders.  The blog below verbally tracks this video.

The three most reliable ways to search for sex offenders are by:

  1. Jurisdiction (which is usually a state or territory)
  2. Name (a National Search) or by
  3. Zip Code (Not covered in this blog)

A Name Search By Location
At the top left, enter a first and last name in the box called National Offender Quick Search. Then click on Search by Location.  Later if you need to search nationally, you’ll go back to this box and click on the big red search button instead.

Either way, you must agree to their terms and conditions page.  Just check the box where it says .

Next, you must fill in the correct Captcha code to convince it you’re not a robot.  These are often difficult.  If you can’t read the code, use the two buttons to the right to get something more understandable.

Once on the search page scroll down to the bottom left
and enter in a first and last name but nothing else.  Less is more here.  Don’t add in the county or town.  If someone wrongly listed where the sex offender lives, you won’t find them there.

Now select state/territory and use the drop box to make your choice.  Notice you can search for sex offenders in all 50 states, the various US territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico and even the Indian tribes.

Now let’s test out the database with a common name and select the state of Georgia.  Here you can see 12 records.  If you scroll down you’ll be able to view the photos of all John Smiths along with their age and address.  If the photo isn’t there, click on the link anyway, and often a photo will appear.

But on the first link, why did it also pull up Francis Nelson?  Click on his name, and you get the answer.  In the past, he was using “John Smith” as an alias!  Pretty sneaky.  But not too surprising.

Can’t find the guy you’re looking for?  Don’t relax just yet.  To be safe, you’ll also want to search for his mugshot nationwide.

With a national search for John Smith, you have to scroll through about 300 photos.  But most in most cases you’ll be dealing with a name far less common than John Smith, i.e. fewer photos.

Why Do A National Search If I Can’t Find My Creepy Neighbor in GA?
I’m always surprised how trusting people are.  No one trusts the big bad wolf to count the chickens.  And if he claims to have moved out of town,  we’d still look for signs of him nearby.

Not so with sex offenders.  For some reason, we trust they will honesty report to the government exactly where they’re living, all the time!   After all, why would a sex creep lie?

But in all fairness, most people don’t realize how the government keeps track of sex offenders.  There is no micro chip transponder that hones in on their every location.  Rather it’s up to the individual to self report on their own whereabouts.  So please be safe.  If you can’t find them in your state, do the national search as well.

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