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Using AI For Instant Free Background Checks

Today I explore the powerful and exciting world of artificial intelligence. The free AI de jour is called Celect.io. And I just love it!

What the microwave did for Betty Crocker, Celect.io is now doing for online research. And this includes free Internet background checks! If you remember in the days of yore, it took hours to cook a meal and many more hours to do a background check. But thanks to the microwave, a meal can be cooked in mere minutes. And thanks to Celect.io, your free background check can be done in mere seconds! It will even write a summary for you!

Celect.io is extremely easy to use and it requires no download or sign up. Just type in your question and hit return. For example, you can ask: “Who is Graham Firestone attorney? The AI then plunges through the Internet and within seconds, extracts a professional summary based on Linkedin, Twitter, Rocketreach, company webpages, online media and much more. Up top it links to the source documents, and it can link to other sources in the footnotes. It even extracts photos! So try it out on yourself and your friends! 

3 Similar Searches With 3 Different Results
See below what it found when I searched by my name only, my name plus my company, and finally, my name plus my consumer law website.

The first search on me was mostly OK. But with only my name to go by, it mixed me up with another Graham Firestone who’s still in high school. But even then, it pulled 3 photos of me, two of which were missed in the other searches! The second search did better by listing my current job and past professions. The third search, which was just my name with another website, did something totally unexpected. It pulled up my religious beliefs along with the last three states I’ve lived in! And all of this was done, summary included, in less than a few heartbeats!

What Else You Can Ask It?
As you can see from above. Celect.io is a bit quirky and can give different results based on minor variations. It works best for names coupled with a profession, company, city or state, or website without the www. or .com. But it’s prone to some error if you try with only a name, even if it’s a rare name. It’s also less effective at finding the owner of a phone number, (missed a lot) and it didn’t work at all for me when I searched by just an email address.

Switching It Up
I got amazingly different but true results when I entered my name with both old and new jobs, different cities, different hobbies or just rearranged minor wording. Be careful with any misspellings! It will correct them in its answer, but then tell you it didn’t find much!

Here Are Examples of How Even Minor Variations Can Change Results

  • Who is graham firestone attorney
  • Who is attorney graham firestone
  • graham firestone attorney
  • Who is graham firestone Roswell
  • Graham Firestone Georgia
  • graham firestone department of labor (with an old job it found my new one! )
  • graham firestone sleuth for the truth (my company and website)
  • graham firestone Consumer-sos (my other website)

On a Final Note, Don’t Forget To Verify!
AI is excellent for extracting and summarizing. But it’s lousy at fact checking. Much of what you’ll get is self-published information from the person being backgrounded, or it’s info scraped from the Net by commercial services that can also be inaccurate. So you still need some due diligence to confirm the summary is true. For help with that, please see the free blogs on Employment History, Salaries & Professional Licenses. Happy hunting!

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